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English Books - Black Hole CH-7 Simon

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This Novel in English

After surveying the castle and the area around, Gibson came back to his car. When he reached the car, once again he looked back at the castle, and stood for a while, absorbed in his thoughts.

Later, coming out of his thoughts, he looked around. Around a mile away, he saw a small village sitting at the bottom of hills. He felt better knowing that there is life nearby.

Gibson sat in the car and drove off. He must have traveled some distance when a group of boys, Simon, Rayon, Malcolm and Abraham hiding behind the tree came out.

"Come on he has gone." Abraham said.

"Who is he?" Simon, who was the youngest of them, enquired.

They walked towards the castle.

"I don’t know. May be some visitor." Malcolm said shrugging.

"Hey, my mother warned not to ever come here." Simon said trying to alert the others.

"Elders always scare us." Abraham patted on his back and said recklessly.

"I heard there is a ghost in the black hole." Rayon said.

"We will not go there." Malcolm assured trying to calm him down.

"Black hole?" Simon asked again.

" You don’t know?... People call this well as a black hole." Malcolm said expressing surprise.

"Why?" Simon asked again.

The eldest one, Abraham slapped Simon on his bottom and said with smile, "For...every hole is not black."

Rayon, Malcolm and Abram chuckled, Simon also joined them though he did not understand the humor.

Boys were playing with the tennis ball in the open ground in front of the castle. Abraham was in possession of the ball. Before throwing at other boys he looked at the ball. He saw a monster picture sketched with black ink on it.

Must be the creative work of one amongst us...

He thought. Now Abraham started to find who is closer to him. Abraham found that Rayon was closer to him, compared to others. He chased him and hit him hardly. Ball hit Rayon's back exactly in the middle.

" Unn ..k" Rayon moaned, as the ball was hard enough.

Ball hit Rayon's back and bounced around.

Bouncing and trembling, the ball came in Malcolm's reach; he ran and collected it. He looked around for the closer ones. Other boys, who were closer, started running apart. Malcolm chose Abraham to chase, hit him as hard as he coud. Abraham cleverly knelt down and the hit missed.

Ball came in Simon's reach; He ran after it. This time the ball had enough speed as the hit was missed. The ball traveled with speed and reached the pile of rocks and tumbled towards the well. Simon tried hard to catch it before possibly it could fall in the well. Unfortunately the ball fell in the well, and now the boy chasing the ball slipped and he too tumbled towards the well.

Other Boys gathered around, watched helplessly Simon tumbling towards the well. Simon tumbled and fell in the well. A screech filled around, faded away, and abruptly stopped.

Continued ...

Original Novel BySunil Doiphode
English Version By Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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