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Fiction Books - Black Hole : CH-6 Gibson's visit

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When Stella came out of her thoughts she found herself sitting beside Jacob on the front seat and Jacob was driving the car. The crystal tied on Gibson's wrist again caught her attention; She stared at it. She was surprised of the size and the brightness of the crystal.

" Where did you get this?" Stella couldn't stop asking him.

Jacob glanced over Stella and the crystal.

"Seem to be fond of crystals. " He asked and continued to drive looking on the road ahead.

"Gibson ... Gibson gave me." He said further.

Stella looked at him and then kept on looking at the crystal. She went into her past again....

...... Gibson's car traveled with full speed on the road. He glanced over the green farms around, while driving the car. There was greenery everywhere around. After some time
The car passed by a wildly grown farm; an old Castle nestled beneath it. Gibson stopped his car taking to one side of the road and got down. He was as if mesmerized, looking at the castle. He slowly moved towards the castle, as if some unknown force attracted him.

When he reached the castle, he saw a black rocky well beside the Castle. A pile of black rocks surrounded the well.

This must be the same well...

He thought. Curiously, he headed towards the well.

He stood at the edge and leaned in. He picked up a stone nearby, threw in. There was no sound. He looked again inside, this time carefully. There was neither water inside nor any bottom; it was only an endless black ….a dark black hole.

Continued ...

Original Novel By Sunil Doiphode
English Version ByMugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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  1. The stories thrill so far.

  2. I am a mystery writer.Could I Post my Hindi Novel
    'Kaali'here.OR would u please guide me How can I post it at my blog as my 'blogpost' does not post in HINDI except Transliteration.Do visit at my blog and inform at
    With Thanks

  3. I love the way you explain each and every scene. keep writing the good novels.