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This Novel in English

Carrying his bag, Gibson was ready to leave for his work. He stopped at the door and turned, seemed to be his usual practice. Stella came from kitchen, went to him. Going closer, she tightened his tie. They shared a tender look.

“ Don’t wait for Lunch. I am not sure, when I will be able to make...” Gibson said.
They kissed and he walked off.

When Stella came back in house, she realized that her husband has forgotten the folder, which was lying  on the dining table. She picked it up, darted to the open door. She reached Gibson, hiding behind the folder.

"Are you sure... You are not forgetting anything...?" Stella asked.

Gibson stopped and looked back with confusion.

Out of void, she revealed the folder. He playfully tapped on his head, blaming his forgetfulness. After holding a folder in front of him, she casually leafed through the folder, encountered a well sketched canvassed picture with black charcoal. Gibson came back to her with smile on his face. She was sensing something eerie about the sketch.

"What is this?" She asked.

Gibson became serious but then trying casual he said,

She looked at the sketch. There was a weighty silence. She had realized that it was some important sketch about which her husband didn't want to disclose anything. And Gibson also sensed what was going on in her mind.

"...Will you give it? It’s already getting late." Gibson said with fake smile.

Gibson deftly grabbed the folder, pecked on her forehead, and departed. Stella kept looking him departing.

Stella gazed at Gibson driving the car. Gibson waved his hand through the open window, " Bye."

"Bye Honey... Take care." Stella waved back.

Gibson drove off. The dust cloud came up and slowly settled down.

Stella walked back in home and closed the front door; her face was still perturbed.

Continued ...

Original Novel BySunil Doiphode
English Version ByMugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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  1. Stella is temperamental.

  2. Gibson's course of action seems to be a bit cagey