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This Novel in English

Gibson and Brian sat across, in Brian's house, sipping morning tea. Looking at Brian’s bandaged head, Gibson recalled the incidence of the last night. He felt to laugh about the incidence, but at the same time he was concerned about the injury.

"Are you OK?" Gibson asked, trying to be serious.

Brian only nodded.

Some time passed without any word.

"Did you ever see somebody staying in the castle?" Gibson asked.

He was still thinking about the castle.

" No.... However, people say an old man used to stay there... so many years ago." Brian said.

"Hmm..." Gibson said immersed in his thoughts.

"They say... he never used to talk to anyone in the village... some say he had come from the city...but nobody was sure..." Brian added.

"Now where is he?" Gibson asked.

"Nobody knows... my father used to tell that he was a ghost... because he vanished and nobody got his body or any traces." Brian said.

"Ghost? ... Do you believe?" Gibson asked sarcastically.

"I think he must have vanished in the black hole..." Brian said.

Gibson pondered over, realizing something he asked, " When was the well dug? Do you have any idea?"

"People tell that he came and he himself dug the well alone.. People used to fear him due to his whimsical behavior." Brian Said.

When they were talking, Brian’s son, Frank around 7-8 years of age, came running in the house. Though black he was quite cute. Gibson obstructed and stopped him,
"Hello cutie, what is your name? "

The boy looked at his father for approval. The father gave him expressive permission. Out of shyness, without facing Gibson he replied, " Frank"

"Nice name" Gibson said, gently pinching his cheek.

Gibson removed the ball from his pocket and held it in front of Frank.

" Where did you get this? " Gibson asked.

Suddenly fear crept over Frank’s face. He looked dreadfully at his father.

"Don’t worry, your father won’t do anything." Gibson assured him.

Still the boy was not ready to tell.

" Where did you get it? ... Why don’t you tell him?" Brian asked him sternly.

Gibson signaled Brian to calm down, got up, and stood in front of the boy. Gently holding boy’s shoulder he knelt down. Gibson looked into his innocent eyes, held his tiny hands, and stroked them.

"Can you take me to the place?" Gibson asked gently.
Though feared, affirmation could be seen on Frank’s face.

Continued ...

Original Novel BySunil Doiphode
English Version By Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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