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English Books - Black Hole CH-27 One more crystal

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This Novel in English

Jacob sat on a rock near the well. A bunch of paper was lying beside him. Jacob held a piece of rock and looked at it carefully. He started hitting one stone with the other. The sparks came out. He was so absorbed in it that he almost forgot about Stella. When he came to awareness, first thing, he looked around in the den for Stella. His concerned eyes raced for her. As he found her, he let out a relieving sigh.

Stella stood at the edge of the well C2, which was not far from the well where Jacob was sitting, but a huge rock was in between them. She in between referred a bunch of papers in her hand. She found something odd glued at the edge of the well. She looked at it closely with curiosity. They were the threads of the cloth stuck to the edge rock.

She heard Jacob's voice from behind, "Hey, what are you doing?"

"Nothing." Stella replied without looking back.

"Look, Just now I lost my toolkit into this black hole. Will you please bring it for me? " Jacob requested.

"Just a minute." Stella got up and went to him.

"It is a small red color box." Jacob gave her the description of the toolkit.

" Ya... I know" Stella said and went to the edge of the well 'C3', in which Jacob's toolkit was fallen.
She stepped back few steps, took a stance to jump and jumped in the well. It seemed that she became quite familiar with jumping.

Some thing, glittering at a distance, caught Jacob’s attention. Jacob kept aside the rock from his hand and got up. Jacob focused his torch and headed towards it.

As he went closer, a smile crept over his face. It was a crystal fallen on the ground, similar to the one tied on his wrist. Jacob picked it up, looked at it closely. His smile widened. He compared it with the one tied on his wrist.

"My God, what a beautiful crystal!" the words came out from his open mouth.

"You were alone. Look, a friend has come for you." he talked, as if with the crystal tied on his wrist.

Slowly a hand came from behind and rested on Jacob’s shoulder. Startled, Jacob turned hiding the crystals behind him.

"I brought your toolkit." It was Stella talking to him.

Stella handed over him a red small plastic box. He sighed to see Stella standing in front of him.

"Oh ... thank you... I thought ... You really scared me..." He fumbled.

"Look, I have another crystal." Jacob said opening his fist in front of her. Stella picked it up and placed on her palm and looked at it closely.

"What a cute crystal this is!" She said in appreciation.

Stella closed her palm into fist and headed for the other well C2.

"Let me keep this crystal with me for a while." She said while going.

"Let it be with you. Wear it on your wrist." Jacob suggested.

Stella stopped.

"Thank you ... so much." She said, delighted.

Stella looked at the crystal and continued to the well. Jacob kept staring at her with appreciation.

" Listen." Jacob interrupted.

Stella stopped and looked at him.

"Be careful. Don’t enter the black hole where you have not been before." Jacob said, as if taking her care and responsibility.

"Yeah" She said, continuing towards well 'C2', where she had seen before the threads stuck to the edge.


Original Novel by - Sunil Doiphode
English Version by – Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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