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English Entertainment - Novel - Black Hole CH-28 Danger

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This Novel in English

Stella went to ‘C2’ well again, where she had found the cloth threads entangled at the edge of the well. As she reached the edge, she had a close look at those threads.
Cloth threads..

Are they of Gibson’s clothes?..

A thought crossed her mind. She thought for a while, walked backwards few steps and suddenly jumped into the well.

Stella fell on the ground inside the den. She tried to get up quickly, when she heard a munching sound of some creature. The panic sensation ran through her body. She looked around, still sitting, focusing the torch. The sound stopped. She rose to her feet, headed slowly to the other well nearby. The sound came again, this time with the crunching of bones. The fear crept over her face. She raked the torch focus around. One place she spotted something white on the ground. She slowly headed to it. She picked it up. It was a piece of white cloth, blood spots on it. She looked around. She felt her body going numb.

At least it was not from Gibson’s clothes...

She felt quite relieved at this thought. She focused her torch. There was an edge of well ahead. On the edge entangled, she found a similar piece of cloth. She went further and took a closer look. Half part of the cloth was out of the well and the remaining dangling in. She picked up the piece, matched with the one, which was in her other hand. It was the piece of the same cloth. Her curiosity to look into the well was incited. She peeked in leaning over the well. She stepped back for jumping in. Stella was so engrossed in her thoughts that she could not see a rock standing beside the well, on which it was carved as D3 (Level 4 black hole 3), below it was a Red ‘danger’ mark carved.

In the dark, two deadly yellow eyes, stared at Stella. Were they of beast? Who knew? At least she was unaware.

Stella was about to jump. Suddenly something rushed over her from her behind. It pulled her back, grabbing her firmly. Stella’s terrified scream filled over the den.

Jacob and Stella fell behind on their backs. Jacob was still holding her.

"Are you crazy? .I told you already not to enter the black hole, which you have not visited before." Jacob said angrily.

"What’s wrong? " Stella asked in surprise.

"Are you not able to see the red ‘danger’ mark on the rock?" Jacob asked in anger, pointing at the rock.

Jacob was still holding her firmly. She tried to release herself, but Jacob’s grip tightened. She blushed and lowered her head. As Jacob’s grip eased, she released herself.

Jacob rose on his feet. Stella got up gazing at the red ‘danger’ mark. She did not understand anything, looked at Jacob for further explanation.

"Look" Jacob focused his torch light on the rock ‘D4’ (Level 4 black hole 4), with a Red ‘danger’ mark below.

" This black hole..." Jacob shifted the focus of the flash on the rock revealing ‘D5’ (Level 4 black hole 5) and a red ‘danger’ mark below.

"...and this black hole too, all are dangerous." Jacob continued.

Jacob again focused torch on the well in which Stella was about to jump.

"The black hole in which you were jumping, there is no air inside. And it leads one to suffocate and die."

"I am sorry ... I am really sorry, I just overlooked it." Stella apologized realizing her mistake.


Original Novel by - Sunil Doiphode
English Version by – Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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