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English books - Black Hole CH-29 An old watch

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This Novel in English

Stella asked, alternatively focusing her torch light on 'D4' and 'D5', " D3 doesn't have air therefore it is dangerous, it can be understood, but, why these two are dangerous?"

Jacob strolled to the 'D5' well. A rock stood beside the well and on that rock an old-fashioned watch sat. The ‘Danger’ mark carved was visible on the rock.

"There is air in these two but they are equally dangerous." Jacob said.

" Come", Jacob took her to the rock where the watch sat, holding her arm.

Stella showed reluctance, trying to comprehend his expressions.

"Don’t fear. ...Only be sure, just follow my instructions when we jump in this black hole." Jacob assured and advised her.

Stella walked with him. He picked up the watch sitting on the rock and matched one with his own,

"See its 9.00 pm in both."

He kept the watch back on the rock and took her near the edge of the well.

"Now jump with me. ... And, as I told, be with me,.. always." Jacob warned her.

Stella nodded obediently and both of them jumped in, holding each other's hands tightly.

After some time Jacob and Stella found themselves fallen on the ground in the other rocky den.

"Come on getup quickly and run with me." Jacob said hurriedly getting up.

Jacob got up quickly, holding Stella’s hand and helping her to get up. When Stella got up, Jacob held Stella’s hand firmly and started running fast, almost pulling her with him. Stella was trying to match up with his pace.

"Come on... be fast. " He was saying while running.

Lastly they reached at the edge of the well, where the rock standing aside showed ‘exit’ carved on it.

"Come on... jump quickly." Jacob said as they reached to the edge.

Without wasting any time both of them jumped holding each other's hands.

Now Jacob and Stella fell on the ground in the rocky den at the previous level 'D'. Both of them got up slowly as they were out of breath due to running. Focusing his torch Jacob returned to the place where the watch sat. Stella followed him. 'D5' and 'Danger' written on the rock was visible in the torchlight. Jacob grabbed the watch. He matched it with his own. Stella was also looking at both the watches carefully.

"See its 9.03pm in our wristwatch and in this watch, it is 7.15 pm." Jacob showed her.

"Oh my god...about 2 hrs difference... What does it means?" Stella said with surprise, looking at her own wrist watch.

Her watch also showed 9.03pm.

"The dimension of the time in the black hole is different. The time runs in reverse direction in there." Jacob explained about the cause.

"However, we spent mere 3 minutes." Stella said, again looking at her wristwatch.

"3 minutes in there is equivalent to 2 hours back here." Jacob revealed.

"Unbelievable! " Stella was still not able to believe.

"If we spend more time in there, it is possible that we will travel in past and will reach the time, when these black holes themselves were not created. " Jacob explained further.

"So what? " Stella asked, not understanding.

"If the ‘Exit’ well is missing, how will you get back? You will be in trap forever." Jacob explained in more detail.

Jacob adjusted his wristwatch to 7.15pm. Stella also imitated him.


Original Novel by - Sunil Doiphode
English Version byMugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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