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English books - Black Hole CH-46 The other world

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Suzan, Daniel, Brat, and other police members, all slowly came out of the castle and gathered near the exploded well. It was an astonishment due to which all of their movements were slowed down.

How did it happen?...

Why did it happen?...

Everything was beyond their capacity and comprehention. .

Stella and Jacob, both looked at Suzan. They were happy to find her there. They started walking towards her. Suzan looked around. It seemed she was not aware of their presence.

"Suzan... " Jacob called her as he was in hurry to tell her that her brother was still alive and it was he who was her brother.

But will she believe?...

"Suzan... " He called her again.

Suzan did not respond. Stella and Jacob shared a confused look.

"Suzan." Stella called, little louder.

Still Suzan did not respond. They went still closer to her. Jacob placed his hand on Suzan’s shoulder. Surprise! His hand fell down. His hand passed through her body as if the hand was hollow or her body was hollow. Stella and Suzan shared a stunned look. Stella also gave her try by holding Suzan’s arm, but it turned in vain. Her hand was unable to grab anything.
Again, both of them looked at each other, their expressions intensified. Stella turned to Suzan,
"Suzan... " Stella called out litter louder this time, " Are you hearing me?"

Suzan did not respond.

Suzan, Daniel, Brat, and other police staff all were looking around surprisingly. As if everyone was unaware of Stella's and Jacob's presence. Jacob approached Daniel and stood face to face, blocking his way, “Daniel...Are you hearing me?"

But Daniel walked forward overstepping Jacob. To his surprise, Daniel passed through Jacob’s body.
But Jacob was not ready to give up. He went in front of Brat,

" Officer... Look at me? "

He tried to catch his attention. But there was no use.

Suddenly Jacob realized that an old man was staring at him. When their eyes met, the old man smiled at him.

" Man.. No body will be able to hear you." the old man said.

Stella curiously looked at the old man and asked, " Why? "

"For, you are in the other world." the old man said.

"Then, how did you hear us? " Stella asked.

The Old Man laughed loudly and said, " Because you are in my world. You, he, and me, all are dead. ...We are souls now. We are, so called, ghosts...We can see these people but they can’t."
Jacob and Stella, both glanced over the people around, who were not able to see them.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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