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English literature - Black Hole CH 53 Did you see Jacob ?

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When Stella entered the Hospital, Dr. Steven came across, coming out of the hospital.

“Did you find Jacob?” Both of them asked each other.

Stella looked little nervous.

“I searched him at accident place, in Suzan’s house, in my house. ... He is not there...” Stella said.

“I am getting worried... After so much of efforts, I could found him and now I lose him again or what?” She expressed her concern and worry.

“Don’t worry ... We will find him.” Dr. Steven tried to console her.

Suddenly realizing something Dr. Steven asked, “Did you check him in the Castle?”

“No.” Stella replied.

“I am sure... He must be there...” Dr. Steven said.

Stella felt little relieved.

“How is Suzan...? “ Stella asked.

“I don’t know ... I also came here just now.” Dr. Steven said.

Suzan was lying on the bed, in the hospital room and doctor was checking her. Her husband Daniel and Stella’s soul anxiously stood beside her. Doctor finished his checkup and started to leave the room. Daniel and Stella’s soul followed him.

“Doctor... How is she?” Daniel asked anxiously, while following the doctor.

“Everything is fine ... nothing to worry...” Doctor said, without stopping.

Stella’s soul went back to Suzan. Doctor came out of Suzan’s room. Daniel was still behind him. Doctor slowed down.

“Actually, I want to talk to you, something important.” Doctor said.

Daniel’s face again faded with gloom.

“Nothing to worry, just come with me.” Doctor said, assuring him.

Doctor speedily walked towards his cabin. Daniel was right behind him. When they came out, Dr. Steven’s soul was sitting on a chair outside Suzan’s room.

Stella emerged out of the Suzan’s room and went to Dr. Steven’s soul, which was sitting on the chair.
Dr. Steven stood up, “How is she? “

Daniel darted out of the doctor’s cabin and entered Suzan’s room.

“Is everything all right? “ Dr. Steven asked with concern, seeing Daniel darting in.

“She is fine …out of danger ...can’t you get from his face...” Stella said.

Stella and Dr. Steven’s souls followed Daniel in Suzan’s room.

In the room Suzan was laid on her bed. Daniel stroked her hairs tenderly, standing beside her bed. Stella and Dr. Steven’s soul were standing with him, looking at her.

“Oh my God!” Suddenly Dr. Steven said, scared, looking at Suzan.

Dr. Steven’s expressions changed drastically to astonishment and worry.

“What’s wrong...?” Stella asked in worry.

“It is what, I was feared about.” Dr. Steven said.

“Will you tell ...What’s wrong?...rather than puzzling me?” Stella said impatiently.

“ See she is pregnant...And, your Jacob is trapped in her womb.” Dr. Steven said, catching her attention to the things happening in Suzan’s womb.

Stella charily looked into Suzan’s womb. She found a tiny image of Jacob was trapped in there. It seemed like Jacob’s tiny image was trying to say something, but it was not audible. Stella tried to free him from the womb, but, in vain. Suddenly the bulk of flesh in the womb absorbed Jacob’s image.

“Look, He is being absorbed.” Dr. Steven showed her.

Jacob’s soul traveled speedily through a tube.

“He is passing through.” Dr. Steven continued.

Stella looked with astonishment, helplessly. Lastly, the soul reached the embryo growing in Suzan’s womb.

Now Stella could see only an embryo in Suzan’s womb.

“Now there is no escape... He is trapped in there. It’s like black hole. ... The rules of the game are different there...” Dr. Steven said.

“Black hole?”

“Yeah, Black hole, the entry to the other world.” Dr. Steven said mysteriously.

There was an agony of separation on Stella’s face. She burst out into tears


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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