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English Literature - Black Hole CH 52 Injured Suzan

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It was a scene of terrible accident; Suzan’s deformed car was lying on one side of the road. Car had violently dashed with the tree trunk. The dash was so violent that the place where the car was dashed was also dashed badly. On the driver seat was lying injured Suzan. Images of Stella and Dr. Steven came out of the car. They rushed towards injured Suzan.

"I warned him right from the beginning...But he didn't listen.." Dr. Steven said, approaching injured Suzan.

Stella leaned over Suzan to see her beat. Dr. Steven anxiously stood beside her. She could not hold her wrist.

"Now you need to change your habits dear ... the rules of game are different here... " Dr. Steven said, trying to tease her.

Stella then listened to her breath closely. Dr. Steven also knelt down.

“Thank God... She is breathing “ Stella said.

Realizing something she looked around and said, “ But, Where is Jacob?”

Stella and Dr. Steven got up and looked around for Jacob. They were not able to spot him. Stella headed for the other side of the car to look for him.

“We can find him later... First, we need to save her.” Dr. Steven suggested.

Seeing the gravity of the situation, Stella immediately agreed and came back to Suzan. She leaned over her to hold her, looked at Dr. Steven and averted her eyes realizing she can’t hold her. She was feeling bad about the thing that she couldn’t help Suzan. She got up and looked around for help. But there was nobody around other than the dark on the road ahead and behind.

Looking for help, Stella ran ahead on the road for a while. Still nobody came across. She was about to loose hope, when one car passed by. She waved to stop but it did not stop.

When she realized that the driver might not see her, she started chasing the car. She realized that in this form she was so light and could run fast. When she reached the car, her soul entered into the running car. Then she entered into driver’s body and she took charge of everything.

The driver stopped the car, turned it, and took it to the accident place. After stopping at the accident place, the driver immediately got down and went straight to Suzan. Opening the front door of the car, lying deformed, upside down, he pulled Suzan out. The driver held her carefully and took her to the back seat of his car.
The driver stepped into the car and drove away with full speed. Slowly, the fade soul image of Stella appeared in the driver’s body and the soul of Dr. Steven appeared on the back seat beside Suzan.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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