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English literature - Black Hole CH-51 An accident

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Suzan and Daniel were in deep sleep in their bedroom. Suddenly Suzan stirred uneasily. She seemed to be disturbed, probably having some dreadful dream. She seemed to be so frightened that she became all wet with sweat. Some sweat drops appeared on her face too. Suzan’s eyes opened wide with fear and she sat up.

These days she was going through really dreadful dreams...

She used to see often a dream of explosion in a well in the rocky den...

After an explosion in front of the castle, she used to see such dreams more often...

In fact she was totally changed from that moment...

But she was helpless and could not speak out and share her feelings with someone..

She got down from the bed and headed towards the bedroom door. Her every movement was like machine, as if somebody else was controlling those movements. She opened the bedroom door. Standing in the open door, she looked back. Daniel was in deep sleep.

It was midnight. In front of Suzan’s house it was dark everywhere. Chirping of crickets could be heard around.

Front door of Suzan’s house opened. Suzan came out of the house. She pulled the front door to close and headed for her car. Wailing sound of dogs could be heard from distance. The environment outside was scary. But Suzan seemed not to be affected by any of these. Without hustle and without fear she was walking calmly towards the car. As she reached the car, she opened the door and stepped in, slamming back the door. She started the car and her car tore out of the parking lot, racing for the gate. As her car reached the road, she drove off with full speed.

Suzan drove down a dark road, when Stella’s soul appeared beside Suzan’s seat. Still Suzan was busy in driving the car. After some time, Dr. Steven’s soul appeared on the back seat.

“Jacob, I am telling you again. Don’t do this ...Its risky.” Dr. Steven’s soul image warned.

Now Jacob’s fade soul appeared in the Suzan’s body.

“Jacob I think you should listen to him.” Stella supported.

“No ... I am firm on my decision.” Jacob’s soul residing in Suzan’s body spoke out first time.

Suddenly a car came right in front of Suzan’s car. Suzan abruptly turned to her left to avoid the collision. Suzan, Stella, and Dr. Steven, all exhaled relief knowing that the collision was avoided. But the very next moment, fright expressions crept over their faces. Suzan realized that her car was about to collide with a big tree trunk. They all shrieked loudly. Suzan abruptly applied brakes. Suzan's car violently turned around several times until it collided with the tree trunk.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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