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English Books - Black Hole CH-50 where did she went?

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Though Daniel was sleeping in his bed, he was not in a sound sleep. He was restless . Suddenly his sleep broke and he woke up startled. He looked outside through window. It was midnight. He looked for Suzan beside him. She was not there. Worried, he sat up, looked around in the room, and got down from the bed. He checked in the attached bathroom, but she was not there too. He rushed out of the bedroom, went to the kitchen. Suzan was not there too.

Where the hell would she have gone?...

And that to this hour of time..

He went to drawing room to find nothing but the empty hall. Now Daniel was getting more worried and concerned.

Did she go out of the house?...

He went to the front door. The front door was open from inside.

That means she must have gone outside...

The front door opened. Daniel came out of the house, looking for Suzan around. Wailing sound of a dog unsettled him. He was not able to find her outside also. His worry deepened. He went to the compound gate, opened it, and looked on the road. There was nobody except dark all around. Suddenly he realized and sensed that something was there on the terrace. He turned and looked up. He found Suzan sitting all alone by herself. It was a full moon night. Her backside revealed that she was rapt in doing something.

Daniel went upstairs. Suzan was sitting on the terrace, only her backside was visible. Daniel approached from her backside, cautiously without making any noise. He found that she was rapt in playing with a crystal. It was the same crystal, which she had brought from the debris outside the castle. Daniel’s face gloomed with the deep concern for her.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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