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Fiction literature : ELove - CH-33 Send Sharwari in immediately

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Fiction literature : ELove - CH-33 Send Sharwari in immediately

It was early morning; Atul was working on a computer and Alex was sitting next to him, " Now see our rigorous painful work is just ended" Atul said to Alex and he opened Vivek's mailbox by giving his broken password.
" Now the real work has started..." Atul said, while operating the computer.
Alex was quietly observing his activities.
Atul started to compose a mail in Vivek's mailbox -
"Miss Anjali... Hi... we had a nice time... I really enjoyed it... Those special happy moments, daubed with your love. I have carefully stored in my heart and in my camera..."
While typing, Atul looked at Alex with a meaningful stance. Both shared a smile. Atul typed further -
" I am sorry I stored those moments in my camera, without your permission... Those moments were so special that I could not stop my temptation... You don't believe.. look.. Out of those moments, I am sending herewith a photograph of a moment ... I am thinking of publishing these photographs on the Internet.... What do you think?... How is my idea? Genius isn't it? ... But you may not like it... No .. if you wish so, I am ready to burry those moments permanently in the depths of my heart... But for that you need to pay a nominal amount... You know for everything there is some desired prize.. isn't it?"
Again Atul stopped while typing, turned to Alex and said,
" Alex... tell me how much prize you desire?"
" Ask... 20-25 millions " Alex said.
" Just 25 millions ... will do one thing 25 for you and 25 for me... total 50 .. How would it be?" Atul said.
" 50!" Atul said in astonishment, looking at Atul with wide eyes.
Atul again started to type the remaining mail -
" Nothing more... just 50 Millions ... its nominal for you... and yes... make an arrangement of money immediately... In the subsequent mail the place and procedure to send the money will be sent... For this mail I feel very sorry... But what can I do... to gain something you need to loose something... Wait for my next mail.. And yes... You must know that - I afraid of police very much.. And when I am afraid... I can do anything... even the murder

--- Yours.. only yours... Vivek"

Atul typed the whole mail. Again twice-thrice he reread it and made sure that there are no mistakes or errors and pressed click on the send button.
When 'Mail Sent’ appeared on the screen, they shared a triumphant clap.

On the other end when Anjali opened and read the mail, she felt the earth skipping from below her feet. Immediately she pressed two digits on her intercom.

" Mona... Send Sharwari in... immediately"

... contd...


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