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Fiction Novels book library - Novel - ELove ch-34 Third one

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Fiction Novels book library - Novel - ELove ch-34 Third one

It was an evening time. Atul was working on a computer, in a room. Vivek locked in another room was visible from there. But Vivek was unable to see anything from his room. Nowadays Atul was working on computer day in and day out. Alex finished his routine exercise and came to Atul, clearing his sweat.

“ So What the girl says... What is dear to her... the money or the prestige..” Alex asked.

Finding Alex, sitting next to him, Atul opened Vivek’s mailbox,
“Look here I want to show you an interesting thing”

Atul opened a mail from Vivek’s mailbox.

“Just go through it... What Anjali has written?”

Both read through the content. After finishing, both of them looked at Vivek locked in the other room, through the glass.

“ Look she is trying to persuade Vivek.. She must be thinking ... How he has changed so much, when he had loved her so much ... Now How to tell her that her lover is in our custody... and struggling badly to escape..."
Again they shared a clap and started to laugh aloud. When their laughter abated, Alex brought out a point,
" Will it not be a problem due to sudden absence of Vivek from the hostel? "
" Yes .. you have rightly pointed out... don't worry I will send an appropriate mail to his hostel friend" Atul said.

Atul was typing the mail and while typing he said, " But Alex don't forget .. the real risk is hence forth... hence forth we have to send mails from various cyber cafes ... otherwise there would be risk to get traced and caught..."

... As the mail arrival buzzer rang, Anjali opened her mailbox. She found a new mail arrived. It was a mail sent to her by the 'sniffer' program planted by her; she immediately opened it.

" Yessss..." Was her first reaction, indicating the victory.

The 'sniffer' she had planted has played its role properly.
She opened the mail software with her swift electric movements and...

" This is his mail id and this is his password" She entered Vivek's mail id and password. Vivek's mail account opened and Anjali pressed few keyboard buttons and few mouse clicks and both of them started to look at the monitor with anticipation.
" Oh my God... I just can't believe" the words came through Anjali's open mouth.
Sharwari was looking alternatively at Anjali and the glowing monitor, still not able to comprehend the Anjali's cause of surprise.
" Sharwari look at Vivek's mailbox... and look at this mail... the mail shows my name as a sender but it's not sent by me" Anjali tried to explain.
"What does it mean?" Sharwari asked.
" It means other than Vivek and me there is one more third person who is able to open this mail account... And possibly he the third one, who is blackmailing me..." Anjali said.
" But who could he be?" Sharwari asked.
" That's what I am also thinking... Who could be this third one?" Anjali asked, as if to self.

... contd..

This Novel in English

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