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Yes!, You can publishe their Novels on this Blog...

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Procedure to publish --

1. Send the synopsis and the sample chapter of your novel to us.
2. If we are satisfied with the theme/content then we will assign you the rights to publish your novel   chapterwise on our blog. The credit and the copywrite of the novel is always secured with you and it will appear so on the blog.

Guidelines -
a. The novels should be divided into chapters so that it can be published daily/alternate (1/2) days/ on the blog.
b. The novel should be ready in full prior to publishing, so that the publishing  delays could be avoided and the particularity of the publishing time can be maintained.
c. The novel should not contain the offensive content to any caste / religion or and class.
d. In case of objection about the content the author / writer will be fully responsible for it.


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  1. आशिष ऋषी काळसर्पेNovember 15, 2013 at 5:19 PM

    अद्भूत आणि ब्लँकहोल ह्या कादंबर्या खरंच आकर्षक व थरारक वाटल्या,
    सस्पेंस काय असतं ते ह्या कादंबर्या वाचून कळलं.


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