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Novel Honey : Ch.61 – The Final Round (The End)

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Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Anil Ekbote

Though the situation elsewhere had gone beyond control, Ganeshrao, with the help of his workers, had successfully stopped people from swarming the dias. However, Ganeshrao and workers, who were carrying red flags, continued to fight. While exchanging blows, Ganeshrao had kept an eye for his most trusted three workers whom he had sent to find out what position Madhukarrao was in. From where Ganeshrao was, he could not see Madhukarrao or the three trusted workers. Ganeshrao was certain that they would successfully complete their task. But when even after a long time they were no where to be seen, Ganeshrao began to get anxious.


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Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Anil Ekbote


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  1. Congratulations,

    The novel begins with a smooth opening and rural background. It
    gains momentum in due course and the style of narration is very
    beautiful and with some twists and turns the novel becomes the
    favorite of the readers. When the readers were expecting some sort of
    victory to Ganeshrao. and his union with Madhurani like a comedy, the
    story ends abruptly as a tragedy and Ganeshrao dies the death of a
    male bee after mating the Queen Bee.

    A good story .

    Anil had done justification to translation and presented the novel
    gracefully and added glory to the work of Sunil Doiphode. Let his
    additions to literature continue for a long time.

    -vadivelu subramanian

  2. the novel started with a moderate common story went on to be very interesting, ended abruptly in a hurry. but it was good translation. overall an ok story


  3. This was a nice read...thank you

  4. Its really wonderful.

  5. The story is so interesting. It makes me keep reading day to day every my free time. Although the end of the story is not my expectation, it is still good story in my view.

  6. a real good novel, sounds very realistic........

  7. Hi, i like the story but its end is not good. May be i expect more. Its good novel.

  8. starting is little bit boring...
    but it gradually became is not excellent..i grade this as a good mark..except this other stories of sunil is very much interesting and touchy....keep it up sunil..and may ur novel progress in future...thanks for the fantastic novels..

  9. this story is about the faminine power, "madhurani" what a different charactor!
    i was enjoyed reading...ganeshrao's love is true but finally in the end it was Death himself.

    always love the way of writting.

    Good luck to author.

  10. it was very intrusting novel.


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