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Ch-25 : Time Deceits? (Novel-Zero)

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Speedily Command1 finished up writing and darted out the flat main door, towards the elevator. Some time back, he had heard the police siren voice reaching till downstairs and vanishing. He glanced at the elevator display; he got scared seeing the elevator coming up.

My God they entered the building...and it must be police in the lift, coming up...

Out of fear he felt sickness in his stomach. He was not getting what to do next. At last he zeroed on a decision and started running upwards on the stairs. As he realized, that his shoes were making noise, he removed his shoes and continued running bare foot. While running he kept continuous eye on the activities going on downstairs. As he reached the terrace, he looked around. It was open sky filled with the blinking stars above and the city filled with glowing streetlights around. He was panting and sweating badly. The chilled breeze gave him the comfort. But he did not have time to wait. He surveyed the front side of the building to escape. Right in front of the building, the police vehicle was parked and three policemen, laced with guns, were positioned to keep an eye.
He was not getting one thing -

How did they come to know about the murder?

May be they came in connection with another crime...

If they have come in connection with another crime and I get caught, it would be a very awful coincidence...

But he was confident that there can’t be any mishap in Boss’s given time, at least it hadn’t happened till now...

But now, how to escape from here? ...

He pondered over. One thing was clear that it was impossible to escape from the front side ...

To find some other alternative, he looked around. From other two sides of the building also it was not possible to escape. There was nothing to go down, and if somehow he manages to go down, there was no other way to escape other than to go running into the police. Command1 went to the back side of the building to survey it for the possible escape. He was relieved to find pipes at the back side to slide down. But the back side was lit up by the sodium lamp glowing on the other building nearby. Therefore it was possible to be caught. To find out some other alternatives, he pondered over for some time, which he could not.

If by mistake the police arrive here on terrace..

Then there was no other way than to surrender..

He climbed the parapet wall to examine properly the back side. Pipes were running right from the top to the ground.

Must be some sort of drainage pipes..

There were screws at places on the pipes, good to hold while going down. Suddenly he sensed a movement on his back on the terrace. Till he turn around, a black shadow attacked him from his back, shoved him with an enormous strength. Command1 was not ready for this sudden attack, he could not even respond to it. He started falling down. While falling his face was looking for the identity of the person who had pushed him. The black shadow was stooped down to see Command1 falling. In the flash of the sodium lamp light Command1 could see the face of the black shadow. He was looking at it with widened eyes.

The black shadow was Command2...

Command1 was not able to believe...

He confirmed again.

Yes it was Command2, whom he trusted the most...

But why did he  do so to him?..

Till he gave a thought over this and come to some conclusion, he fell on the ground. After falling from almost 15-16 floors, his bones must have been shattered around inside the bag of his skin and flesh. An eerie smile crept over Command2’s face after finding Command1 dead on the spot.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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