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Chapter 27   
Ronald’s house was in complete darkness with the chirping sound of insects and the wailing of a dog the only sounds in the background. Suddenly, a group of birds, sat on the tree for shelter, flied away, fluttering their wings in fear. 

Two police team members, Richard and Eric, were monitoring each and every activity in Ronald’s house on CCTV. Both Richard and Eric were in their thirties. Richard was honest and quite boring; the exact opposite of Eric who was tall and shrewd. One of the rooms from Ronald’s guesthouse was allocated for surveillance purpose. Disturbed, Ronald curled to the walls in the room, anxious that he was visible on the CCTV.

“I would have love to monitor the bedroom of a sexy couple” Eric said jokingly.
Richard didn’t show any interest in his partner’s attempt at humour. 

“I would even love to monitor the bedroom of a funky married couple like you and your missus” Eric continued. 

Still, Richard didn’t respond. 
Suddenly, there was some movement on one of the monitors. A black cat walked across the bedroom.

“Hey, look! There's a cat in the bedroom” Richard said.

“We're not here to monitor the activities of cats and dogs. If my father would have known that one day I would have been sat here watching cats and dogs like this, he never would have allowed me to join the police” Eric said with sarcasm. 

Suddenly, as the cat jumped on a square box kept in the corner, the monitor screens went blank. 

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Eric said, getting up from his chair. 

Richard also got up from his chair. 
The humorous expressions from Eric’s face were replaced by ones of worry and confusion. 

“Come on. Let’s go and check out what’s happening” Richard said, darting out of the room.
Eric followed him. 

Somebody was slept on a bed. The telephone beside it kept ringing continuously. A hand came across from the bed and picked it up.

“ Yes?” It was Detective Sam’s voice.

From the other end, Eric said, “Sir? Ronald has been murdered the same way the other two has been.” 


Suddenly, Sam sat up. He switched on his bedroom light. His sleep was completely ruined.

“ What? Are you sure?” Sam wanted to make sure again, as he was not able to believe what he had just heard. 

“Sir, Ronald has been killed” Eric spoke from the other side.

 In spite of the continuous camera monitoring. What the hell are you people doing down there?” Sam groaned. 

“Sir, actually a cat jumped onto a transmitter module. It became dysfunctional. We went in to repair it and that is when we found the body” Erick tried to explain. 

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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  1. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. Entrance of d "Black Cat" in2 Ronald's room,suddenly d monitor screens go blank n dn 2 oficrs go repairin dm n in d middle of it Ronald dies ....hmm> ws it another way of showing that this ws nthng bt Black Magic...??


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