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Chapter 47

Christopher, Ronald, Paul and Steven were sat around a table, partially consumed with whisky glasses in their hands. They seem to be disturbed and were drinking heavily, absorbed in their own thoughts. There was a tense silence amongst them. 

"Why did you kill her?" At last, Ronald broke the silence and the protocol to never ask anything to Christopher. 

Today, Ronald was drunk and the time had come when he could not stop himself. 

"Hey! She died accidentally" Christopher said shrugging carelessly.

" Accidentally?"

Though Christopher was trying to show his carelessness, he was deeply upset inside. Christopher took a swig of whiskey to hide his anxiety.

" She was making too much noise, so I closed her mouth and I didn't know that I also closed her nose" Christopher clarified.

" What do we do now?" Steven asked.

Amongst them, Steven and Paul seemed to be the most horrified.

"If the police catch us?" Paul expressed his concern.

"Just pretend nothing happened; we were here last night playing cards...Even if something goes wrong, we will manage it. This is not the first time we have had to kill somebody" Christopher said, pretending to be confident. 

"But those were by you and were intended" Ronald said.

"What's the difference? Killing is killing" Christopher said.

Suddenly, they sensed somebody's presence at the door followed by a gentle knock. Everybody stopped talking and seized up for a few moments. They looked at one another.
Who could it be?
At this time of hour...
Could it be the police?
There was silence in the room yet plenty of questions were speaking loudly in their minds.
Christopher signalled Steven to check out the door. Steven went and opened it cautiously. There stood Anthony in front of him. Steven gestured him to come in. Anthony entered and Steven closed the door.
Ronald poured Anthony a shot of whisky.   

"Hey, sit down and join us." 

Anthony took the offered glass and sat from across them. 

"Cheers!" Ronald cheered, colliding his glass with Anthony's

" Cheers!" Anthony also cheered and joined their company.

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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