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Chapter 42

It was evening and young couples in love sat in the park. The flowers in the park waved with the pleasant breeze of air. In the corner, Nancy sat supporting herself on a tree trunk. John rested his head on Nancy’s lap. 

“You know how much I love you” Nancy said, gently moving her fingers through his hairs.

John tenderly looked at her. Nobody talked for a few seconds, yet the silence was not awkward. After some time, John got up and gave his hand to Nancy to help her up. 

“Come on, let’s go. It is getting late” he said.

She got up whilst holding his hand. 
They walked away, their hands entwined.
From behind the tree, Anthony came out, who had been listening to them from behind a tree. His face frowned... 

.... His narration had finished. Anthony was sitting on a chair, surrounded by the police, with handcuffs around his wrists. Sam was sitting face to face with him, listening to him.

“I used to love her very much” Anthony said, sighing deeply. 

“When I came to know that she loved John, I was so upset. Yet I slowly persuaded myself that just because I love Nancy does not mean that it is necessary that she also should love me. She should be free to love anybody” Anthony said further.

“Then why did you kill those four people?” Sam came to the point.

“Because I loved her more than anybody could have loved her” Anthony said proudly.

“John also loved her, but he did not kill anyone” Sam said, trying to provoke him.

“He was a coward. He was not worthy to be loved by Nancy” Anthony said, hatefully. “You know that after her rape and murder, he wrote me a letter.” 

“What did he write?” Sam asked.

“He wrote that he wanted to take revenge, he had identified the victims, but he was not able to gather the courage to kill them.

"In such a situation, tell me what I should have done! If he couldn't do it, then it was my duty to take revenge because I loved her, though she didn't feel the same” Anthony said furiously. 

He was speaking so fast and fervently that he was panting and his face became red. When he stopped speaking, he was sweating badly. He suddenly sat down as he felt his limbs weaken. He hid his face between his knees and burst out into tears. 
Everybody around looked at him with sympathy.

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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  1. Another twist in d story-Anthony ,John's friend...a topper in d class and tryin 2 bcum a lover Nancy was only his femme fatale...!


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