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English Books - Black Holes CH-44 Outside the castle

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As soon as Jacob and Stella fell on the ground in the rocky den at 'A' level, Jacob got up quickly and started running with Stella, because they knew that they didn't have much time. As they passed well ‘A1’, (Level 1 black hole 1) it exploded hugely. Everywhere spread the shower of rocks; few pieces hit them. They were injured but they kept running because they didn't have time to see where they were hit. Even they did not look back, as they knew this was the last level, which they had to pass, and they would be totally free after that. As they passed by well ‘A3’ (Level 1 black hole 3), it also exploded. Jacob and Stella were thrown up with the force of the explosion. This time they were badly injured. Everything was out of their control; they were being thrown in the direction in which the force of the explosion was taking them. They were almost sure that when they would fall down they would be fatally injured, as everything was rocky around, and probably they would not survive also.

They started falling down with the pieces of rocks. When they were falling down, since they were exactly over ‘Exit’ well, they realized that they were falling into the ‘Exit’ well with the pieces of rocks. In such a dreadful situation also, a glimpse of hope and happiness could be seen on their faces. They were in fact thrilled to know that once they pass this 'Exit' well they were going to be free. They were slowly falling in the well, with the other pieces of rocks. They were also being hit with the rocks, but the feeling of happiness was dominant over the feeling of pain.

Now they were exactly over the 'Exit' well. Suddenly the crystal from Jacob’s wrist escaped and fell down. The crystal started falling into the well. Behind the crystal, Jacob and Stella were falling in the well. When they were around in the midway , the ‘exit’ well in which they were falling, suddenly exploded. The sound of rock pieces hitting the ground could be heard. Slowly it diminished and then silence and dark spread everywhere - The silence after the huge blasting sound and the dark after the bright sparking light.

Brat, Daniel, Suzan, and other police officers all were searching Stella and Jacob in the Castle. They could find neither them nor their traces. Brat was sufficiently irritated and was making his team to run around to search them. His team members were also tired, and were trying to avoid confronting him. Suddenly they heard the big explosion sound outside the castle. For few moments they didn't understand anything. They started running fearfully wherever they could. Lastly they realized that the blast sound was not from inside the castle, but was somewhere from outside. But the sound of the blast was so huge that the whole castle was shaken dreadfully. All stunned, they started running out of the castle. They came at the castle entrance, stopped, taken aback. They found the pieces of rocks scattered everywhere.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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