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English literature - Novel - ELove : CH-13 Versova Beach

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Anjali was awaiting for Vivek. She looked at the wrist watch, still there was time. She looked at the sea, till its end, to the end as far she can look. Her mind peeked into the past. The past childhood moments ran through her mind...

Versova beach was Anjali’s favorite place in Mumbai. During her childhood she always used to come here with her parents - Mommy and Daddy. She felt chocked remembering about the moments passed with her parents; both of them were no more now. Now a days the sea beaches in Mumbai were not kept that much neat, may be because of the population outburst. But during her childhood this beach used to be neat and clean. The sound of surfing waves made her more gloomy.

She again glanced at the wrist watch.
He was supposed to come by now, for the time given to him was 5, and it was 5 past 5...
May be he may have blocked in the traffic somewhere...
And its Mumbai traffic... we just can't anticipate where you can get blocked... and once you get blocked... it may take hours together...
Again she looked around. Her moving eyes seized on a boy playing on the seashore. Again the childhood old moments crowded into her mind....

She might be 12 to 13 years old then, when she had come with her parents on the same beach.- Herself, her mother and her father. They were constructing a fort out of wet sand, somewhere around the same place where now the boy was playing. Her father have had said,
" Look Anjali... look there..."
He pointed towards a boy trying to throw something hardly deep in the sea. He was trying and attempting again and again to through the thing in the sea, but the waves used to bring back it to him again and again. Without disappointment he was trying again to through it. But again the thing used to come back to him due to sea waves.

Then her father have had said...

" Look Anjali ... the boy... he is trying hard to throw that thing in, but the thing is coming back to him again and again... It’s exactly similar to our joys and grieves ... As we try hard to shake off grieves from us ... for time being we feel that now all grieves have gone... but the grieves are like that thing... they bounce back with equal force... Now see ... after some time the boy will be engaged in his playing ... and he will forget altogether about the thing he is throwing... And when he would recollect back about the thing ... he would not find the thing on the seashore..... Similarly we should treat both joys and grieves equally... If we don’t entertain grieves, we will not suffer from it... there will be pain but to suffer or not to suffer will be up to you ..."

She remembered... how nicely her father used to relate the things.

When Anjali came out of her thoughts, she found Vivek standing in front of her. Tall, strong, everlasting smile on his face and his every movement radiated an enthusiasm and activeness. He was much more smart than she had seen him in the photographs. In fact photographs were unable to capture the liveliness in him. As they were meeting each other the first time, face to face, their faces were beamed up with happiness. For some moments both were looking at each other without a word.

... contd..

This Novel in English

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