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Romantic suspense Novels - Novel- ELove : CH-14 Propose

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This Novel in English

Anjali and Vivek, don’t know for how much time, were just looking at each other. Though they knew each other from about a month, but they were facing each other physically the first time. Not only they knew each other, but they thoroughly understood each other, to the minute details of their nature. Still they were clueless about what to talk about. They were quiet so much so that, they would doubt about themselves that - were they the same, who had sent earlier each other the mails of so many pages?. Lastly Vivek talked, taking lead,
“ In fact I am late because of the traffic... you know”
“ I am waiting for you since 4.30” Anjali said.
“ But you had given me the time of 5.00” Vivek said.
Just it was warm-up or the initial time to start; they then quite nicely mixed up and started to chat, as if they were chatting on net. While chatting they were walking slowly along the beach, and when their hands entangled into each other, they did not knew. For quite some time they were walking along the beach.

It was getting dark now, as the sun set. Suddenly Vivek stopped abruptly and asked Anjali in serious tone,
“ Anjali, Shall I ask one thing?”
She affirmed with her eyes.
“ Will you marry me?” He asked straightly.
She was confused with this unexpected question. She blushed and lowered her head, not to know how to reply.
Vivek’s heart was beating fast.
The question I intended, I asked..
But will she say ‘yes’...
He was waiting for her reply.
Did I made mistake by asking this question, at this point of time?..
Or is it was a quite fast pace..
If she say ‘No’ then what?...
Doubts were crowding in his mind...
After some time she said,
“ Come on ... lets go”
When she opened her mouth to speak out, his heart beat was skipped.
But... What’s this ... she had avoided the reply...
But he was also a PhD student; it was his nature to get an answer to the question, whatever he required to do to get it.
“ ... You did not answer my question...” He intervened.
“ ... Let’s go ... I will drop you” She said, again avoiding the reply to his question.
He was not going to leave her like that.
“ Still you have not answered my question” He said.
She was blushing red. Her head was lowered and her face was red. She was trying to hide her emotions by playing with sand on the beach with her toes.
“ I never said no” Somehow she managed to speak, still keeping her head low.
She was surprised of her own, that at last the words found there way. Vivek’s face which was gloomed by this time, suddenly beamed up. He didn’t know how to celebrate the happiness. Pulling her in his tight embrace he picked her up.

... contd..

This Novel in English

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