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As they were coming closer to the suit, Anjali’s heart was beating fast with some unknown emotions. As if she was engrossed with an unknown fear. Though Vivek seemed to be following her normally, but he was feeling breathless. Anjali opened the suit door and entered in. Vivek stood in the door, as if confused.
“ Come on in...” Anjali said trying to remove the tension built between them.
He went in and took a round of the room as if fumbled.
“ Have a sit” Anjali said, indicating towards a sofa and sat next to him to hold a phone kept in a corner.
Anjali extended her hand to pick up a phone kept in the near corner and said, “ What you would like to take?..... cold or hot?”
While holding the phone Anjali’s hand slightly touched him. His heart began to pound. Anjali also enjoyed the touch, but showing nothing on her face she picked up the phone cradle. She extended the other hand to dial the number. This time also her hand touched him. This time Vivek could not control his emotions; he gently held her extended hand in his. She blushed and smiled looking at him. Her one mind warned her to release the hand but the other mind didn't. As if her hand became numb. This was an encouragement for him. He held her hand firmly and pulled her in his embrace. Everything was happening fast and it was pleasant for both of them. Her whole body became warm and her lips started shuddering. Vivek also rested his warm and impatient lips on hers. Anjali's one mind wanted to resist and the other was on revolt and wanted to break all the limits. His manliness was dominating her and she was helpless. Vivek immediately picked up her in his strong arms and lied her down on the bed aside. She sensed a supporting and claiming manliness in this act therefore she could not resist. In fact she didn’t have the energy to resist.
She remembered his question, " Anjali, will you marry me?''
At the same time she remembered her reply, " I never said no”
Now she felt a sense of protection in his arms. In fact she started to respond his every emotion unknowingly.
" Vivek I love you so much" the words came out of her shuddering lips.
“I too" Vivek said, as if in her ears while kissing her neck.
Slowly his strong manly hand started to play with her delicate body. And she also clung tightly to him, as if searching for the permanent support in him for her future life.
‘ Yes I am the companion of your future life’ With this privilege he was removing the cloths, one by one, from her body.
‘ Yes I am also surrendering everything to you..’ With this faith, Anjali also started to remove cloths from his body.

Anjali suddenly startled and woke up. She looked next to her in the bed. Vivek was in his sweet sleep, without a cloth on his body. In the sleep also his one of the hands was holding her, as if assuring her. In these many days, after waking up from a dreadful dreams, first time she felt a big assuring support of his hand.
... contd..


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