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Fiction literature Books - Novel - ELove CH-21 Where the hell Vivek would have gone?

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Johnny was walking on the street, whistling with joy and entertaining himself, when he heard somebody calling him from behind.
" Johnny"
He abruptly halted and stopped whistling. The voice seemed to be strange and not known to him. He turned around to look behind. An unknown person was rushing to him. Johnny looked at the person with confusion, trying to recollect if he had seen him before.
No he is total stranger to me..
But how could he knew my name?...
Johnny was waiting for him, with uncertainty, when the man reached him.
" I am Vivek's friend... I am searching for him since yesterday.... I have been told by the cafe staff that you may know about him" the man said.
Probably the man had sensed the confusion, Johnny was going through.
" No... he didn't informed me ... But when I went to his hostel yesterday... his one of the friends told me that he had gone to his some relatives for 10-15 days..." Johnny said.
" Do you know to exactly whom he went?" The man asked
" No I don't know that much ... In fact I asked his friend.. But he seems to be unaware about that.. as he got Vivek's mail only... " Johnny provided the information.

Anjali was sitting on her chair and there was a locked briefcase kept in front of her, on her table. Sharwari was sitting across her. There was an eerie silence in between them. Suddenly Anjali got up and gently patting on the brief case said, “Considering all facts ... one thing is clear”
Anjali took a pause. But Sharwari was impatient to listen.
“ Which one?” Sharwari asked.
“ ...That right now we don’t have any choice than to quietly handover him this briefcase... and we are not in position to take much risk also”
“ Yes you are right” Sharwari said, looking in void, as if pondering over the situation.
Anjali unlocked and opened the briefcase. There were bundles of thousand rupees neatly kept one over the other. She glanced over the bundles, and closed the brief case. She picked up the suitcase holding its handle and started to walk off. Sharwari interrupted,
“ Anjali”
Anjali stopped, as if brakes were applied to her. She turned around and looked at her.
“ Take care” Sharwari said, showing her concern.
Anjali came back two steps, went to her, patted on her shoulder and at once turned around and left, talking long-long steps.

... contd..

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