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                                                                                                          CHAPTER 3

Vinod removed the keys from his pocket and opened the main door of the apartment. Rasika used to keep the alternate keys of apartment with him. He entered inside and switched on the lights. He carefully observed the living room and started checking each and every corner of it. He didn’t know what exactly he was searching for but his mind was telling him that there must be something which will provide him some clue. But there was nothing useful. He moved towards the bedroom. He removed all her clothes from the cupboard on the bed. Nothing. He saw the books on one of the shelf and scanned all the books if she has hidden something in that. Then his eyes went on a diary lying on the table near the phone. He checked it. In one of the middle page there was a mobile number with name Shikha Batra. He dialed the number from his mobile. Failure by saying the number you are trying to reach doesn’t exist. What the hell? Who is this Shikha Batra? I don’t remember if Rasika has ever mentioned about her. Is she really useful? Then suddenly one idea clicked his mind. He pressed the redial button of her phone. The same number displayed on the screen with message ‘the number you are trying to reach doesn’t exist.’ It means Rasika dialed this number before her death. I need to find out her. He unlocked his mobile and started the web browser. Then typed Shikha Batra in Google. Three entries on Facebook. He checked the general profiles of all of three. One of them was studying in some college in Haryana. Another one was from Delhi without any mention of profession and the third one was from Mumbai working as a model. This third one is looking quite useful. How to get her address? Priya, yes, Priya will be helpful. He dialed her number. After trying for two three times finally she picked up the phone.
“Yes Vinod?” her voice was sleepy
“I need your help.”
“At this time?” She looked in the clock. It was showing 3:00 AM in the morning “Where are you?”  
 “You are working as a Page three reporter, right?” he asked ignoring her question
“I want information about one model from fashion industry. She is working in Mumbai and her name is Shikha Batra.”
“Who is she? Your next date?” She said while smiling
“Jokes apart Priya. Can you be able to find out?”          
“I will do my best.”
“Ok thanks.”

It was the 12:30 PM in the afternoon when his mobile ranged again. Instead of going to his apartment Vinod preferred to stay at some other place and booked one suit in the hotel Sunshine in Boriwali west. Now I need to be alert every time, the attack can happen again, he thought. The bell was ringing. It was Priya on the line.
“Yes Priya, have you got anything?” he asked eagerly
“Yes. She is a model working for Lakme; part of high profile page three tycoons and the insider information is involved in high profile prostitution. Her clients are from ministers to businessman, small screen celebrities to cricketers. Why are you interested in her?”     
 “Can you arrange a meeting with her?” he said by ignoring her question  
 “What? Do you want to sleep with her? I am not her agent.” She said angrily
“Next page three party, where she will be available. I want to meet her at any cost.”
“Ok. I can arrange but why should I help you?”
“Do you want a spicy story for your newspaper then help me?”
“Ok. Let’s check.” 



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