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                                                                                                    CHAPTER 2

Vinod removed the overcoat and dropped it on the sofa in the living room. He moved towards the fridge, took out the bottle of water from it and drank the few sips. Suddenly a voice of broken glass broke the silence of apartment. He immediately moved towards sofa and took out the gun from its coat. The voice was from the bedroom. He slowly moved towards it without making the noise of shoes. Then suddenly pushed the door and came inside the bedroom. He checked the every corner but no one was there. A window was open and was moving with chilled air. A photo frame from the dressing table has fallen down on the ground. The glass has been spread everywhere. Vinod took the gun in his left hand and lifted the frame in his right hand. He observed the pic. For a while his face became expressionless. Rasika’s smile in photograph started haunting him. What exactly happened? He thought to himself. He remembered the night before her death.
“What happened Rasika? Haven’t you got ready yet?” said Vinod by keeping the bag on the table
“Can’t we avoid this party?” she said. Her voice has become deep and eyes were looking pale
“Are you all right?” said Vinod by removing the hairs came on her face and moving the fingers slowly on her cheek. She held his hand.
“Yes I am all right, just little tired due to the last week inauguration ceremony.”
“Oh ok…but finally your dream of orphanage center for children has come true…” he said by looking in her eyes.
“Yes…” she smiled quite sadly
“I don’t know why but I am feeling lonely today. I need you to be with me, Vinod.” Her voice became moist
“Hey, I am with you. Tell me what happened?” he said by rubbing her both hands and sitting beside her.
 “Nothing. I just don’t want to go outside, today.”
“Are you sure?”
“Ok. We will cancel the plan…” He said by keeping hand on her shoulder. She kept her head on his shoulder.  Few minutes dropped in silence. No one spoke anything. Finally Vinod broke the silence.  
“So what’s the plan…romantic movie of your choice?”  He asked while smiling. She smiled back; she knew that romantic movie means the two to three hours of long nap for Vinod.
“I don’t want you to sleep for tonight.” She said by giving a mischievous smile and moving her eyes towards the bedroom.
“Ok. That’s pretty cool, I mean hot. ” he smiled back and without wasting the time he lifted her in his hands.
“Oh! You are getting heavy. Remove some clothes.”
“Shut up.” She said and locked her lips with him

In the morning she felt that she has forgotten all the worries of yesterday. She came out of the bed and went towards the bathroom for the wash. Afterwards she prepared the coffee. Vinod was still sleeping.
“Hey get up. I need to go.” She said by moving her fingers in his hairs. Vinod waked up and rubbed her hand silently. Then they took the coffee together and left the home.
“Why are you looking so worried?” Vinod asked by looking at her face. Her face was still tense like hiding something behind it.
“I was worrying whether your father will be ready for this marriage or not?” she said by looking outside the window of the car.
“You don’t have to worry for that. He always keeps the business and personal things away from each other. You have not given the land of orphanage center for commercial complex; it doesn’t mean that he will crush all the dreams of his son. ” 
“Yes. I can understand.” She said silently and smiled by looking at him. He didn’t smile back. Something has been wrong, he thought.
Finally the car stopped near her apartment in Juhu. She got out of the car and then she suddenly remembered something.
“Oh, Vinod my mobile, I think I have forgotten it at your home. Let’s go again…”
“Hey it’s ok. I will send it to you with someone else once I reach the home.”
“Don’t worry…I will send it as soon as possible. Ok? ”
“Ok…Bye…” She said and started crossing the road. Vinod was still there watching her from the backside. Then it happened. A huge truck from the other side of the road came with full speed. Vinod looked at the truck and then towards Rasika. Before he knew what happened the truck crushed her and went without stopping.
He put the photograph on the dressing table. That truck, truck driver. He remembered the face of the truck driver. He was the same masked man who has now tried to kill him.
 It has taken a month for him to convince that Rasika is no more with him. He has left the country but after his father got serious heart attack, he came again and decided to marry another girl of his father’s choice. But it seems that the clouds has started gathering and he was not able to view clearly through the fog. He always felt that the Rasika’s accident was not an accident; it was a planned murder and now from the todays attack on him, it got clear that there is some conspiracy going on silently underneath. Who was that masked man? May be a contract killer. For whom does he working and why he has killed Rasika? Why anyone wants to kill me? I need to find out answers to all the questions, he thought to himself. Suddenly his face became hardened.


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